Pipe Markers

Where should pipe markers be used?

Pipe markers should be used wherever pipes carry hazardous substances. Where there are several pipes side by side that have different contents, pipe markers help to avoid confusion that could result in serious injury. If pipes carry materials for emergency services or for human consumption, they should be clearly marked.

Have you marked your piping system to the AS1345?

AS 1345-1995 specifies that markers be placed adjacent to all junctions, valves, service appliances, bulkhead and wall penetrations. Markers shall be spaced no more than 8m apart except for long, uninterrupted straight runs of external services where spacing shall not exceed 50m. 

AS1345 addresses several elements of pipe marker design including:

  • Marker Layout: A marker is comprised of a printed word or words on a coloured background with a contrasting border and chevron to show direction of flow.
  • Marker Colours: The legend and background colours of a pipe marker are determined by the pipe's contents and are specified according to the tables below.

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